This morning I wanted to post a YouTube video that was quite long.  But I only wanted to to show people a specific section of the video.  After some searching, I found what I wanted in the YouTube help section[1].  It is fairly straightforward.  You can basically append the start time right in the link as a query string parameter (the variables after the ?).

Here is an example of just the parameter (starts at 22 minutes an 35 seconds).


Here is an example of a full URL.


Of course as soon as I discovered this information I noticed an automated way to create this URL.

  1. From the YouTube video’s page, select the “Share” button.

YouTube Share Button

  1. Doing this will cause new options to appear.

YouTube Share Expanded

  1. At this point you will notice a new option, called “Options”.  Click that and you will be able to add the start time options as well as a few others.

YouTube Share Options

  1. Once you have selected your desired options, just copy the generated URL and paste it wherever you like.

I did seem to notice that these options only seem to affect the URL that you can copy.  They don’t seem to get applied the the other sharing options (embed, email, social networks, etc.).