Latitude AvatarDaniel Mabasa, community manager for Google Maps announced yesterday[1] that a new web interface for Google Latitude has been released.  Now there are really on a few people whose locations I have a desire to keep track of 24/7 (or desire to know mine).   But for my own personal information, it has been interesting to keep track of my own travels.  The new dashboard is kind of fun.  For instance, since I have started using Latitude it has logged 50,829 miles.

Some of the data is wrong, or at least how it interprets it is wrong.  For example, it has me taking off from an Airport in Prescott AZ last year and never landing.  Now in all fairness, I was in Prescott, AZ at the time.  But we drove there.  Maybe the fact that check-ins where inconsistent due to spotty coverage.  Or maybe I had my phone off (or latitude was off) a lot during that trip.

The dashboard also tries to graph your time at home, work and ‘out’.  It has never seemed all that accurate.  Although recently it seems to be getting better.  But it still thinks I spend more time ‘out’ than I do at home or work.  My wife can attest that Google is sorely mistaken in this case.

So if you are a Latitude user, check out the new improvements.  If you haven’t yet tried it, and you own a smartphone, its fun to play with but I wouldn’t rely on its accuracy just yet.