Droid-BionicVerizon has announced the latest update to their Droid Bionic phone [1].  Emails went out two days ago to Bionic users in order to invite them to participate in a limited roll out that they are calling a “Soak Test”.  What I am not sure about is how long it will take Verizon to push our the final update once the soak test is completed (assuming it goes well).

I have owned a Bionic since the day it came out and have had very mixed feelings about its performance.  Spec wise, it is a great phone.  But its performance has been lacking.  My main complaints have been about the camera, the screen itself (Pentile[2] and I do not get along) and 3G/4G stability.  According to the PDF, a lot of time was spent on stability issues.  Both the camera and data connectivity are mentioned.  With any hope two out of my three complaints will be addressed in this update.  Unfortunately, nothing short of a screen replacement will alleviate my issues with the Pentile display that these phone came with.

Some of the other updates I look forward to are:

  • Improvements in battery life.
  • Idle resets (getting rid of them)
  • Play WAV audio files.

There is some evidence that they are adding a bit more bloatware (a new VCAST app store).  Hopefully it is limited to that.

Here’s to seeing is come out soon!