Who am I?

I like to consider myself a type of Renaissance man.  I am fascinated by the world around me and hunger to understand everything that surrounds me.  Because of this I have a wide range of ever changing interests.  This has brought me much joy in my life in spite of the issues these broadly scoped interests could potentially cause, particularly in a world of specialized career choices.  I am a father of five energetic boys and a loving and appreciative spouse to their brave mother.  I am currently employed as a Systems Architect for Brigham Young University.

What Will this Blog Contain?

Well, I imagine it could contain just about anything.  I don’t plan on restricting myself to a specific topic.  But due to my nature and profession, I assume that whatever I do talk about will somehow relate back to technology, science or the arts in some way.  But don’t hold me to that.

Why Do It?

I will be honest, this blog is not for your benefit, but for mine.  It is written by me, for me.  For those who do find it useful or entertaining, Welcome!  I am glad to have this vehicle to have met you and look forward to your contributions.

I have always enjoyed writing and hope that this blog will provide for me a simple outlet to publicly share my interests while I work to improve my skills for written communication.

Rules of the Road

This is a simple warning for those of you whose comments don’t contribute to the conversations on this site, I may just edit you out (it’s my right).  Now please don’t misunderstand me, I am not against opposing views.  On the contrary, well thought out, opposing views are a crucial part of the conversation and are welcome.  However, I am against offensive individuals.  So please keep it civil.

What’s With the Name?

Well as anyone who has tried to choose a domain name can attest, its hard to find a good one these days.  However I feel somewhat lucky in this respect.  In my opinion the name embodies the essence of innovation and discovery that I admire and hope to emulate.  The spinning mule was invented by a man, Samuel Crompton, who took the time to understand the world around him and use that knowledge to improve it.  Now he may not ever win any awards for his business prowess, but Samuel Crompton’s innovative spirit contributed immensely to the momentum that kicked off the industrial revolution.  His spinning mule was truly a disruptive technology.


While the topics of my posts will span quite a wide range of topics, I do not claim to be the authority for any of them.  Please feel free to point me in the right direction if my information is not accurate.  And by point me in the right direction, I mean send me to an authoritative source.  Your bad information, or hearsay, is no better than mine.