Starting today, users can sign up for a preview of the new service from Microsoft.  This new service will replace their current free mail service, hotmail or live mail.  New users are presented with a few keys bullets upon signing up as to why its better:

  • Outlook is modern—you get a fresh, clean design that’s intuitive to use.
  • Outlook is connected—your conversations come to life with your friends’ photos, Tweets, and recent Facebook updates.
  • Outlook is productive—you get free Word, Excel, and PowerPoint web apps built in with 7 GB of free cloud storage.
  • Outlook is private—you’re in control of your data, and your personal conversations aren’t used for ads.

That last bullet looks like a direct hit at Google’s gmail service.  The interface is simple and seems to mirror the flat, almost washed out look, typical of their upcoming Windows 8 operating system, its suite of metro apps and the Office 2013 software products.

There is also a short marketing video upon logging in for the first time.

I think its worth checking out.  So head on over and grab your new email address today.