Droid-BionicTwo days ago I was one of those asked to participate in Motorola’s ‘soak’ test for the upcoming 5.9.902 update for the Bionic phone.  They planned on limiting it to 1,000 phones but in the end it looks like it may have been closer to 20,000.  We were asked to keep it quiet while the test was underway.  Our public forum access was restricted and we were re-directed to a private forum instead.  The following image was taken from that private forum.

Focus of Test

So how did it go?  Well, my experience with the update has been great thus far.  The 3G/4G connectivity issues seem to have finally gone away (although longer observations are needed for verification).  My phone seems much more responsive.  My camera can finally take pictures now (that is, pictures that are actually in focus).  The battery life, at least over the past 48 hours, also seems to have improved.  Unfortunately this update did not seem to address my complaints with the poor contrast and color representation of the screen.  Alas these must be physical limitations (like the annoying pixelation/moire effect) and a software update alone cannot fix that.

Overall I think this update should address a lot of the hatred the Bionic has received since its release.  I, for one, am certainly more pleased with my phone now.  Hopefully it persists.

For those who are interested, here are the questions (and my answers) to the survey they asked us to fill near the end of the soak test.


Survey Page 1

Survey Page 2 (top half)

Survey page 2 (bottom half)